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  • July 15, 2024
  • Last Update July 15, 2024 5:37 pm
Who Recalls the Crime Drama Series “Brotherhood”

Who Recalls the Crime Drama Series “Brotherhood”

Who recalls the American crime drama series “Brotherhood” that was filmed in Providence and various RI locations? The series about an Irish American crime family that starred Jason Clarke and Jason Issac ran for three seasons (2006 – 2008) on Showtime.

Created by Blake Masters about a working-class Irish family that rules a city (Providence) built on loyalty and corruption. The Caffee brothers, Tommy, a rising politician desperate for reelection, and Michael, a hardened criminal returning from seven years on the run and eager to reclaim his turf, fight for survival on opposite sides of the law. In their ruthless quest for power, the entire Caffee family is driven to lies, betrayal and infidelity — threatening to tear them and the city apart.

A number of scenes from Brotherhood were filmed in East Providence, including East Providence Yacht Club, Miller’s Roast Beef & Gansett Mobile Park. Where you or do you know someone that performed as an extra?

East Prov Hospitality is a fan of the series!! Brotherhood can still be streamed on Showtime, Apple TV, Prime Video and Paramount+ with a subscription.

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